One Important Reason And Three Specific Reasons Why Decks Are Elevated

elevated decks

The main reason for elevating the decks is to simply keep the water out at all times. Here are three supporting reasons for having elevated decks.

Elevated decks have better drainage potential. Elevated decks promote safety. Elevated decks have greater potential to support a variety of pavers.

Decks or patios with created slopes, done purposely for effective drainage, all benefit from the deliberate creation of the pedestal or paver system that is elevated. The top surface of the deck remains level. While it is safe to walk across, it remains an attractive feature of any commercial or residential property. Aesthetics remain intact while the practicalities of protecting a waterproofing and drainage system are in place.

elevated decks

It is just about impossible for the created waterproof membrane to be penetrated.  In order for attractively designed pavers to be more than adequately supported by its pedestal, the surface of its decks needs to meet a threshold point. Authoritative risk management exercises will note the meeting of ADA requirements. In doing so, safe and easy access is assured. While water must still run naturally through deliberately created spaces in pavers or tiles, sufficient drainage capacity has been created.

And no water will be left ‘puddling’ on the deck’s surface. It is as though it never rained at all. Of course, some form of awning or roof-like covering will still need to be created. Apart from being able to support a variety of pavers, elevated deck systems can also support joists on sloped surfaces. And still there will be no penetration of waterproofing features. Attractiveness and safety is intact while the level patio surface continues to maintain its natural draining properties.

Consider this application if your property is in a flood prone area.