Tips to Keep Your Grass Green

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The front yard is your summer spot for fun, but the heat also causes brown spots to ruin your beautiful green grass. Worse, that brown grass scratches and crunches underneath the feet. Luckily, you can keep the grass green and your smiles bright when you own the Jacobsen greens king 522 and use these exciting tips.

When cutting grass, make sure the height setting is at the highest level. You might want to shave the grass down lower to minimize the need for cutting the grass, but in doing so you won’t have blades of grass that retain water very well. Lack of moisture causes many problems for healthy grass.

It is a good idea that you use an organic fertilizer to produce healthier grass. Fertilizer boosts the strength of the grass blades and encourages them to be strong and healthy. Strong roots replace the brown grass that you do not want. When choosing a fertilizer, make sure to choose one that is organic!

Watering the lawn is something that many people associate with the summer, but could you water your grass too much? It is something that occurs far more often than people realize. You should not water the grass until the blades are at least 2-inches in height. When you water less frequently, you create the strong grass that you want.

Most homeowners find that rain water is sufficient enough to keep their grass watered. As such, there is no reason to get out a water hose to apply additional water. Of course, this is true only when the rainfall accumulates as expected and in areas receiving adequate water each year.

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Use these tips to keep your grass green and your lawn beautiful! It is this simple to attain great things.